In 1972 Nicholas Sturge, then an Underwriter at Lloyd’s of London, identified a niche market developing in the world of luxury yachting so departed London for the South of France to explore possible insurance opportunities. Soon after, Sturge International were offering Insurance services from their offices in Antibes, to owners of luxury yachts and to those involved in the yachting industry. Nick worked closely with many of the yachting firms that evolved in the South of France and wider Mediterranean during that same period, and we still enjoy several of these relationships today.

 The business grew through the 1970’s and 1980’s in tandem with the general increase in the popularity of yachting, which had now become “Super Yachting” and in 1990 Burr Taylor, who was a very experienced Marine Insurance Broker also from the London Market, joined Nick in partnership.

 The 1990’s saw the yachting boom move to new and even higher levels, we now had “Mega Yachts” and Sturge International continued to grow, firmly cementing themselves as a market leader providing insurance expertise to many of the largest yachts afloat.

 In 2000 Caspar McDonald joined Sturge International bringing a new depth of yacht insurance knowledge from the front line of the London insurance market, and a London office was opened heralding the formation of Sturge Taylor & Associates.

The portfolio continued to grow and in 2007 Sturge completed the acquisition of a market-leading broking team from the global insurer Marsh McLennan. This acquisition doubled the size of Sturge’s operations, gave access to a new book of clients and industry relationships, and gave us a new third location in Southampton on the UK’s south coast.

Since 2007, Sturge Taylor & Associates has continued to expand its client base, industry reach, in-house expertise and remains a market leader in the specialised field of luxury yachting.